"Amitola" is a Native American Sioux name meaning "rainbow." This name comes from a legend that says that the first colourful picture was painted on the clouds by a young Indian chief named Amitola.

I love stories, I love meaning behind things or looking for a meaning in something, it makes life precious.
Colours affect us whether they are energizing, soothing or aiding us in making a personal statement...

What inspired me to create these rings:
I really wanting to create something that is very personal to the wearer something they connect with Whether they choose rings within mind of a birthstone (astrological sign) colour of a chakra that they resonate with or merely
because they are drawn to a specific stone from an Esthetic point of view.

Amitola rings are delicate, feminine, fashionable and timeless.
My choice to mix the colours of materials was to give it a subtle feeling.
I have used semi-precious stones, sterling silver and gold filled (rolled gold) materials to create the Amitola stack-rings.

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